UK Invasion 2012

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I got involved with London’s carnival some four years ago through a friend. Initially offering support in the background using my little artistic skills. This prompted me to also pick up a video camera for the first time. It was a little Sony camcorder. 
Like most people I pointed and shot. However, I was amazed by the instant gratification of seeing images I had taken appearing on the big screen … well the telly. A good few hundred pounds later, some courses and collaborations, I am trying to improve my skills further. Carnival offers an excellent opportunity to do so.
I set myself a target of producing a mini documentary series related to my annual visits to Trinidad. The inspiration for this came from the British link with the island from a historical political/colonial perspective and modern day arts. The concept mainly was a play on the fact that whilst Trinidad and Tobago gained political independence from Britain there still remained an ongoing influence from the artistic perspective. 
The likes of Lord Kitchener, Peter Minshall and Wayne Berkley sharpened their respective crafts in the UK from the 50s to 70s respectively. Their success back in their homeland, Trinidad, is renown. That trend has not stopped. The likes of Kerwin DuBois spent his formative years in the UK and indeed wrote and produced a popular hit, “Bubblenut”, for Machel Montano whilst here. He has since gone on to pen and produce tracks for Kes, Patrice and Blaxx. His 2012 year saw him emerge fully into the spotlight.  Their are others who continue to follow.

Last year was my first attempt at tracking UK talent partaking in Caribbean/Trini culture http://youtu.be/vDpffSUK-dQ. I’m currently in the studio working on the second version http://youtu.be/xgPExoZys-4.