Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014 “… absolutely EPIC!”

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Everyone plays in Carnival or everything permitted in Carnival? Whichever, it’s “absolutely E.P.I.C.”!

The mantra, in Machel Montano’s big soca hits at this year’s festival, inspired us to take a look at two of the “hottest teams”, Bliss and Tribe. Using the guide ‘what happens in the party stays there’,  we let the players give their own account of the two days festivities resulting in what we believe to be our best carnival coverage yet.

From local celebrity spotting to experiencing controversy over the alternative route, we fit it all into eleven minutes of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014 hype. You won’t be disappointed!

Prior to the Carnival we’d been busy working on some corporate stuff so it was with some relief when we hit the shores of the most southerly Caribbean isles. However, I won’t say it was a classic for me as not only did I find I was totally exhausted, this resulted in me catching flu and running extra hot over the two carnival days. Yes, I know, its generally warm and sweat comes with the territory but changing T shirts three or four times over the course of the day with additional midday shower … crikey.

But that didn’t hold us back as you can see.

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 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014