Resolutions, Broken Promises and the Elusive Work / Life Balance

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When I promised I would try to write a piece for this site at least twice a month as part of my new year resolution it was on the back of seemingly getting over a significant project at work. This project had required so much of my time and energy I did not even get to take my full year’s annual leave. I had to take forward 13 days to the new performance year and lost three in the process. Having secured a promotion at the turn of the year,  the day job has once again eaten into my personal life. So much so that at times I have little energy to focus on my passion for filming.

How can it be a passion when I am too tired for it? Filming and editing requires some of the most intricate and time consuming techniques and like the day of an exam one’s mind should always be rested and relaxed when engaging the process. Like chief officers and staff the edit is demanding and unforgiving. Unlike work, however, the rewards for completing a digital media project are extremely self gratifying.

I write this note whilst I await the full render of that music video I’ve been telling you about. The base / underlying performance is now on the time line with different POVs and cuts and the artiste lip synced. I’m just about to edit in two cutaway stories.

If I do say so myself … the visuals look great. Another weekend and it’ll be finished.

By the way I took two of my days leave to get this far. The weekend … well I played/DJ’d a diplomats gig. It was great but I kept on thinking about the video. Must be out this summer. Not a promise just a need for gratification