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Pleased to have worked with a regular collaborative partner, Nigel at Spinx Media, on this promotional music video for one of the Caribbean’s soca music stars, Ravi B.  
Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Ravi has been a three time chutney soca monarch (soca of Indo-Trini heritage) yet has managed to transcend that genre for much wider appeal. “Forever”, is his full soca release for 2018.

It was great to have been part of the local production unit commissioned to work with Ravi whilst he was here in the UK.  After spending a couple of days with him over the Christmas holidays planning and working on the shoot it was great to know he was happy with the final production and has used the video to promote the song online and on broadcast TV in the Caribbean region.
The video was released in January 2018. My specific roles included lighting & camera op, glide-cam op and (as the scenes were shot in slog3) colour grading.

Performed by: Ravi B
Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by GBM
Live Guitars by Kashiff Wilson
Ravi B YouTube link

Directed and edited by: Nigel Spinks
Camera, glidecam and grading: Tony Magik 
©All rights reserved 

A Spinx Media / Tony Magik Productions Collaboration 2018

#ForeverRum #ForeverChutney #magikcarnival #A6500