Misery loves company

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Anyone who has used Sony cameras since the Sony EX1 will be familiar with Alister Chapman. If not, you’ve just been introduced. As he is somewhat of an authority on XDCAM™ I tend to reference his web and blog sites fairly regularly.

A recent experience I had with a client led me to recall one of Alister’s blogs “the cost of being a freelancer”. As a mere upstart to the great man I cannot compare. What I took from the post is that it happens to the best and their reactions are no different than how we would feel. Most important though was that he did not embarrass his client by naming them but used the piece as an educational tool to inform that his time is equally as valuable as any organisation’s.

In my spectrum of the industry I work with a fair share of new ‘starts-ups’ across various professions and services.  Variations and amendments in service requests occur frequently. It’s part of the business. Would some advance notice not be the minimum one should expect to allow diaries and travel arrangements to be reorganised?

What’s that other idiom? Time is … !

Be good.