“Masquerade is street theatre” (ft Lost Tribe Taj @ Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2019)

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There are a million and one reasons why we go back to Trinidad’s carnival each year. In 2019 I believe we caught on camera for the first time the essence of what it truly means. Masquerade, design and music forming its own artistic trinity that is purely street theatre.

Sculptures with cloth? Not since the days of Berkley or Minshall (world renown festival and theatric designers) have we seen the manipulation of fabric that entices the players to step out confidently and show their ad lib moves on the streets of Port of Spain.

Thanks to the Lost Tribe and their portrayal of Taj, an ode to the cultures of India. In many ways this was a celebration of the asian populace of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

We were there to catch the band’s procession from the first judging point at South Quay through to the Queens Park Savannah. The music of Kes the band inspiring the players to jump that bit higher, wine that bit harder and sing out that bit louder.

It was no surprise to us that the portrayal of “Taj” gained the Lost Tribe another “Band of the year” trophy.

This is mas’ that I remember as a child and I am pleased to share our experience of this magical moment with you.


“Savannah Grass” Kes piano cover performed by Johanna Chuckaree
“Savannah Grass” performed live by Kes the band

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