It’s the little things that matter

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Producing content? It’s the little things that matter.

A few years ago I undertook an intensive course in project management which was the most beneficial investment I’ve ever made. It not only helped with my career development at the time, manoeuvring through obstacles and mapping a pathway to the management level which I aspired. This course had an effect on my approach to most of my personal objectives too. I adopted a structured and organised approach to most things from my sideline to voluntary work and freelance efforts.

One of the key learnings was placing into perspective smaller tasks. All objectives are broken down into: tasks and actions; effort and resources, time required, etc. Risk of any item failing which may hinder the final product or service is analysed. Mitigations are developed to avoid or reduce the impact of failure. And in this process the little things are considered just that. Little. And, therefore afforded lesser priority.

In the arts, outlook on the small and seemingly insignificant is magnified. The risk of ignoring detail is exaggerated by the creative. Observations of the minuscule that the audience in everyday life would take for granted or ignore are given a platform. These little things are used to arouse the subconscious, to subliminally attract attention. To create continuity and fluidity. Twisted and flipped to divulge some different secret. The creators of film masterpieces thrive on such detail to tell their stories.

This video essay by Rishi Kaneria on “Why Props Matter” better explains what I’m getting at.

Project experience has taught me that whilst little things should not usurp your resources,  attention to detail is important. Sometimes small signals are indicators of big risks.
Life experience has taught me you ignore the small things at your peril. Ever forgot to send mum a birthday card?