Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Most certainly for video production

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So I’ve been to the studio to track the vocals. Still lots of work left to do. May have to book another session with the engineer to mix down, etc. But as I said in the last post we are thinking/planning a video shoot too.

This was my first foray into music video production. http://youtu.be/UCokx0TZyQI

Last year I approached Nikisha to do a video for her “Island Niki” youtube channel. Her primary focus is RnB/Pop. If you do a search on her full name Nikisha Reyes-Pile you will see the support she has in those genre’s. During the UK’s carnival season Nikisha pens a calypso/soca song in support of her Caribbean culture.

A two day shoot was planned. However, day one was really supposed to be some wild shots so that both Niki and her sister could eliminate any fears of being in front of camera. As most people know the UK weather is temperamental, even in summer! . And it was fortunate that we did these shots on Saturday as our main day, Sunday, was almost washed out. The usable shots were when the sun came out in 15 minute bursts.

What we tried to achieve was a simple storyline of two everyday girls being caught up in the magic of carnival and becoming costume princesses for the day. Carnival offers the most direct route for escapism at least for two days a year, right?

Many lessons learned but well pleased I listened to the advice read that,  pre-planning and preparation are key to risk reduction. And, we got the finished product out. Let me know what you think.

Technical Info: Shot with Sony z1 using matte box with ND filters. Edit and grading in FCP7 and Color.