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Best Video Camera 2013

One of the music producers credited with influencing the art significantly in the 20th century is Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Having started his apprenticeship with Jamaica’s Studio One and Coxsone Dodd

Zoom Lens for DSLR Filming? Anathema!

Having cropped sensor Canon DSLRs in the form of the 600D and the 7D I’ve acquired a range of budget and pro spec lenses. I mostly have primes for shooting

Carnival Culture News 2012 – FEDs

Making the time to keep this blogsite updated and you informed is my New Year’s resolution for 2013. I really do admire those who can keep their blogs going with

DSLR for documentary, no; but for film…yeah, yeah!

So I’ve been extremely busy over the August and September period due to the London Olympics as well as London’s Notting Hill Carnival. I did a number of gigs over

Great videos shot with the Canon 550D / Rebel T2i

Thought I’d update you on where we are with the music / video project. We are at last to the production standard I am happy with. Some tweaks still required

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Most certainly for video production

So I’ve been to the studio to track the vocals. Still lots of work left to do. May have to book another session with the engineer to mix down, etc.

The idea to a video leads to a song

So I’ve been wanting to improve my music video skills. I had fairly decent feedback last year for my first try with a soca (caribbean music) artiste. It was done

DSLR or not to DSLR … the question for video!

Since last post I have been testing out the DSLR. About 18 months ago I purchased a Canon 550d for stills photography. The portrait photo on this blog was taken

UK Invasion 2012

I got involved with London’s carnival some four years ago through a friend. Initially offering support in the background using my little artistic skills. This prompted me to also pick

Trinidad Carnival 2012 countdown

Well I’ve paid the deposit on my ticket to Trinidad and Tobago to attend the acclaimed “greatest show on earth”, Trinidad Carnival. Whilst not too sure what’s going on socially