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What’s Up TV

Let me me get this out the way …. Pick TV (Sky), Freeview Channel 11, Virgin Media 180. Sunday 10am. I’ve been repeating this to a few friends and so

FA Pioneers Day 150

I received a pleasant New Year’s present when The FA placed a link to one of our collaborative productions with Spinx Media for the London FA on their website http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/equality/race-equality

DSLR Video Tips and Tricks

In advertising and marketing there is a technique used for estimating product life cycle and sales called the “Adoption Curve”. This technique estimates likely take up of the product by

One Direction

It’s been a fairly hectic October/November period. I completed and delivered the first in a series of edits for a three day music show. Almost there with the remaining products

Canon 5d Mk III and Atomos Ninja 2

I’ve succumbed! Full frame frame DSLR and an external recorder acquired this month in the form of the Canon 5d Mk III and Atomos Ninja 2. Shall we call it

Take Me High – Nikisha Reyes ft Tony Magik (Official Music Video)

Take me high

So it’s finally here … Nikisha Reyes – Take me high (ft Tony Magik). Video to follow soon. Standby. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/take-me-high-feat.-tony-magik/id668381923

Resolutions, Broken Promises and the Elusive Work / Life Balance

When I promised I would try to write a piece for this site at least twice a month as part of my new year resolution it was on the back

Want great video? It’s all in the edit … er … no!

Fantastic shoot, great footage and logged/transferred to FCP. Not much left to do completing the video, right? Well, er … no. In fact the serious work has just begun. The

February … I blinked and missed it

Looks like my new year resolution was broken after the first month. I wanted to keep my entries to this blog weekly but failed miserably in month two, February. I’ve