Carnival Tabanca 2012

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“The forlorn feeling that one gets, when a love affair is over”.

I’ve flirted with, dated and now left Carnival. 
Every year we meet I appreciate her more. 
I can’t stay with her but she stays with me all year long.
I can’t wait to meet her again.
Until next time … my love.

I’ve posted two webcasts from Trinidad Carnival 2012. (http://youtu.be/QIbb5t1qGvY). The first: I spent a wonderful time on Carnival Monday enjoying the festival as celebrated in the South of the island. San Fernando carnival in recent years has been dominated by Kallicharan’s mas band. By far the biggest in the South. However, I was taken by the traditional ‘fancy indian’ costumes portrayed by almost every other band. I also spotted the ‘midnight robber’! He hangs on the corner of Sutton.

Unlike last year where I was based in the savannah, I spent most of Tuesday liming with the bands and meeting various friends who played Mas with Harts, Tribe, Yuma and Trini Revellers. (http://youtu.be/z5mJR8bbnJg) the vibes were great. As you can see, all Trinis are performers and that’s what contributes to Carnival being the ‘so called’ greatest show on earth.