Carnival Culture’s – UK Invasion II ‘ the Brits keep coming!”

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In between the hectic demands of the day job I’ve managed to  piece together this short carnival piece captured over several days whilst in Trinidad for Carnival 2012. As explained on my last musing this series pays homage to those who have contributed to the Carnival art forms via UK links.

When the revered calypsonian and soca artiste, Lord Kitchener, returned to Trinidad and Tobago in 1962 he encouraged his compatriot the Mighty Terror to follow. Fitzgerald Henry did just so three years later in 1965. This seemingly innocuous trend continues to this day with many peoples of Caribbean heritage improving their craft in the UK and returning home (or in the case of offspring seeking the home of their forebears) successfully contributing to, and developing, the vibrant culture.

During my stay for the annual Carnival event I caught up with three such persons and learned about their involvement in the Caribbean scene.

Many thanks for those who contributed their time to my development. In my research I was pleased to learn of Trinidadian Dexter Simmons’ heritage. He is a renown producer and mix engineer for the likes of Beyonce to Michael Jackson to name but two. Here are some of his credits http://www.allmusic.com/artist/dexter-simmons-p223523/credits/date-asc/100. Of interest more so the fact that he studied music technology and studio engineering here in London. Dexter came to London to go to the School of Audio Engineering. After this course he spent some time in London studios before making his move Stateside.

Filmed using the now old skool Sony Z1 with PP settings – BBC neutral. Single Rode NT2 mic (facing interviewee which explains my boxy voice). Edited using FCP7. I also did the narration using the Zoom H4n. No external mic just talking straight into the unit. I’m quite pleased with the result. I do like testing all gear without too many ad ons or reverting to the post studio process. Perhaps its the old skool DJ in me? You will note some of the grainy photos used as ‘cutaways’. I like that grittiness sometimes.