Body Groove and those dizzy summer days

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We’ve had a brilliant summer so far. It’s been hectic, busy but brilliant. Some of the key activities we’ve been involved in are … 

Nikisha Reyes Body Groove (feat. Tony Magik)

We teamed up once more with Nikisha Reyes for the follow-up to “Take me high”, our first release together. This project started in June and was recorded in July. The following is an excerpt from the single notes:-

“Body Groove” takes the energy and rhythm of Caribbean music and treats them with a layer of synth sounds reminiscent of British electronica. Nikisha’s vocals further coat the arrangement with a candy floss of exuberance and embellishes the song with a strong contemporary presence that gives it an unashamedly popular sound.

Nikisha, born in Trinidad yet raised in the UK, working with a producer whose heritage is the mirrored reverse of hers. Tony is UK born and Trini raised. This meeting of minds was destined to produce a sound heavily influenced by each culture that could traverse both equally. And, what is so special about soca that makes you want to sing about it?

Soca has traditionally been the soundtrack for the street carnivals of the different islands, hence its driving beats. With this festival music travelling as far east as Japan and west as California, a demand for it to appeal to wider masses and to be played year round rather than just the Caribbean carnival season has seen different approaches to the genre with it gaining worldwide recognition. Kevin Lyttle and Rupee had notable chart success with the mid-tempo form. More recently dance acts from Major Lazer to the UK’s Jus Now have got in on the act and have had crossover success with more upfront beats featuring Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano.

To witness soca’s infectious impact on festival goers is a wonder to behold. You can’t watch for long and not join in. Certainly you are likely to be implored to dance either way. “Body Groove” is as much an energetic party track as it is great personal listening.

British Calypso

We’ve also been doing some voluntary work to support calypso music here in the UK. In the run up to Notting Hill Carnival 2014 the London Calypso Tent is the precursor to the celebrations. As part of the administrative board we have been working hard to secure the show at the Tabernacle and ensure the main competition for Calypso Monarch 2014 takes place. UK based calypsonians pit their writing wits and humour against each other to vie for the title and bragging rights to best calypsonian. We believe it’s only right that we support the legacy of the mother of all Caribbean music.

Film and music videos

Talking of carnival, I’ll be working with one of the bands capturing their experience on the streets of west London over the bank holiday weekend. 

Currently in the planning phase of two music videos, one of which will be for the Nikisha track. The other, I can’t reveal too much about right now but the track is an absolute belter and has been one of the best received of the band’s sets played on their UK festival tour so far.

Have also been working on three pitches for a reality documentary, observational doc and a competition show. Sent these round to a few friends to critically review. Subject to feedback we’ll work on a brief show reel for each.

Let’s hope the summer continues.