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“Masquerade is street theatre” (ft Lost Tribe Taj @ Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2019)

#savannahgrass #losttribe #magikcarnival There are a million and one reasons why we go back to Trinidad’s carnival each year. In 2019 I believe we caught on camera for the first


Mid-week musing – “Doubling down”.

A new term has entered the political news lexicon. “Doubling down”. News outlets and journalists love it. Repeated daily on cable and almost every other paper article. It irritates me


Trinidad Carnival 2019

We have pleasure in presenting another immersive festival video. We got up close and personal with the masqueraders and revellers in Trinidad 2018. They share their experience and the excitement


Ava DuVernay gives some insight into the new Hollywood

Hollywood recognises her as one of the hottest film directors right now. Ava DuVernay gives some industry insight that persons wanting to enter the profession will do well to read


Ravi B – Forever | Music Video Production

Pleased to have worked with a regular collaborative partner, Nigel at Spinx Media, on this promotional music video for one of the Caribbean’s soca music stars, Ravi B.   Based in


Welcome to the carnival … the making of a promo video

We produced this promo for the song “welcome to the carnival” originally released in 2014 as we felt it deserved a video and, more so, it fitted in with the


Fay-Ann Lyons “Girls” | Music Video featuring Jus Now

Fay-Ann Lyons “Girls” | Music Video We met Jus Now about 5 years ago through a mutual friend who was touring with the heavy rhythm outfit here in the UK.


Quicktime is dead … and Apple knew it (wrap that with MXF)

For today’s creatives the significant dependence on IT presents a huge conundrum. Whilst many have benefited from the freedom of expression and reduced barriers to entry presented by tech there


Journey to the Geekside (how I survived to tell the tale)

… I was a geek and I liked it (in best Katy Perry voice). I’m no ‘techspert’, but faced with the option of buying a new Apple Mac Pro system


Why rude people succeed!

“The primary form of courtesy is to be considerate of others’ time. Excessive verbiage isn’t courtesy; it’s just waffling. Get to the bloody point”. Matt Gemmell, July 2011 “Courtesy suicide”